• Password managers Mar 2, 2021

    After many years using LastPass, I decided to make the switch to 1Password. I’m going to describe here why I did this and how was my process to choose. LastPass I’m using LastPass for many years now. A lot of people say that LastPass is not a good password manager, it has bugs, it’s ugly, it has too many trackers, yada, yada, yada. I was always the guy who said: “Yeah, it works for me”.

  • 2020 Year in Review Feb 23, 2021

    Brace yourselves, like any other stats post, this one will be HUGE If you’re following my blog, you know that I sometimes mentioned things were too hard and I couldn’t sit down and write. Looking back now, I have a good laugh for my past self. ☺️ I can say for sure that 2020 was a complicated year and a lot of things change in my life. The biggest change is that I’m now a father of twins.

  • Falando sobre a pirataria Feb 17, 2021

    Há alguns dias atrás, um amigo meu compartilhou um texto sobre pirataria no twitter. O texto possui o tema “Precisamos falar sobre a pirataria” e pode ser visto aqui. O texto é bem leve ao falar do assunto e mostra a visão da autora e sua própria experiência com a pirataria. Se eu fosse resumir o texto em uma frase (sim, é o meu entendimento sobre ele), seria: Todo mundo já usou pirataria de uma forma ou de outra quando não tinha dinheiro o suficiente para pagar por um determinado material.

  • Thoughts on group chats Feb 13, 2021

    I’m a big fan of group chats. The current app I use the most for group chats (and direct messages as well) is Telegram. I even created some group chats for topics I like (mechanical keyboards, note taking and productivity, Books and audiobooks, Money and investing, etc.). I take group chats (and communities) more seriously than I should and I make sure chats are moderated and following their topic, otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense to have chats split by topic.

  • Review of Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues book Jan 28, 2021

    Book: Tolkien’s Ordinary Virtues, by Mark Eddy Smith. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️. I’m a big fan of Tolkien (if you follow me or my blog, you probably already know that) and decided to give a chance to this one even knowing it was totally related to religion and it’s not my thing anymore. The book is about Christian comparisons between The Lord of the Rings and some virtues shown in the Bible. I know talking took his Catholic religion very seriously and was even raised by a Priest after his mother passed away, so it would be nice to see the book again through these lenses.

  • Um mês de um PJ para o exterior Jan 9, 2021

    Esse é o último post que eu tinha planejado para a série de PF & PJ. Não necessariamente será o último da série, mas toda essa série começou para eu poder fazer esse post. 😄 Eu gostaria de mostrar como é o ciclo de um mês trabalhando como PJ para o exterior, já que isso ainda é uma incognita para muita gente e várias vezes eu explico isso para amigos que pretendem entrar na mesma ideia.

  • Chrome: Invalid HTTPS in development Dec 17, 2020

    It’s not the first time I had to use HTTPS for local development and had to do the whole setup of self-signed certificates. It’s a painful process that doesn’t have a good ROI for the developer. One day, after being sick of doing this every time, I decided to do some research for an easy way to workaround this. That was when I found the thisisunsafe hack. If you’re using Chrome (or chromium) you can type thisisunsafe when you access your development app complaining about HTTPS certificates.

  • Review of Daily Rituals: How Artists Work Dec 16, 2020

    Book: Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I just read the book When and it mentioned this book. The idea was so interesting that I decided to give it a try. What first caught my attention was the pattern of the peak, through, rebound everywhere. It’s not everywhere because we’re just mentioning artists here. I believe a similar pattern tends to emerge whenever people have control over their time.

  • GitHub CLI (a.k.a gh) Dec 15, 2020

    The GitHub CLI is been a major time saver for me. I was skeptical about its usage in the beginning but it proved to be very useful. Cloning When I want to download a new repository, instead of typing the whole URL or going to the browser to find the repository, I just type: gh repo clone name-of-the-repository It works out of the box if the repo is mine. If it’s from someone else, I have to specify the user:

  • Rust, LotR, and focus Dec 1, 2020

    💡 Quick thought post. A bigger tweet but on my own platform. I’m co-authoring a book about Rust and was reviewing an example about enums. My plan was to use some sort of reference to J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy world (because I really like it). I was considering using something like this: enum Race { Elf, Dwarf, Men, Hobbit, Ent } PS: I’m only considering the free-peoples of middle earth for this enum.