💡 Quick thought post. A bigger tweet but on my own platform.

I’m co-authoring a book about Rust and was reviewing an example about enums. My plan was to use some sort of reference to J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy world (because I really like it). I was considering using something like this:

enum Race {

PS: I’m only considering the free-peoples of middle earth for this enum.

While thinking about it, a lot of things came to my mind and before I realized, I was watching a video on YouTube on why Elrond did not kill Isildur on Mount Doom after he refused destroying the one ring.

The main point here is: I was writing a book about Rust and out of nowhere I found myself watching a video on YouTube about one of my hobbies.

I was not doing a deep work session this time, it was just casual writing while I have some minutes to spare. This was another reminder on why Deep Work is so important. When deep working, I convince myself I’m in a diffeent mood and I just say to myself: “Yes, OK. I will add a task to Todoist to check that when the session ends”.