The GitHub CLI is been a major time saver for me. I was skeptical about its usage in the beginning but it proved to be very useful.


When I want to download a new repository, instead of typing the whole URL or going to the browser to find the repository, I just type:

    gh repo clone name-of-the-repository

It works out of the box if the repo is mine. If it’s from someone else, I have to specify the user:

    gh repo clone rust-lang/rust

It works like a charm ✨

Creating PRs

We create pull requests all the time at Doist, so it’s great to have some automation for that.

I’m usually very descriptive on my commit messages. If the change is simple and just contains one commit, gh creates the description by itself:

    gh pr create -f -a PotHix -r nameOfTheReviewer

I even created a simple bash function to make it quickier when I use the following arguments:

create_pr() {
    local reviewer=$1
    gh pr create -f -a $GITHUB_USER -r $reviewer

After writing a good commit message, I just type:

    create_pr Doist/integrations

This command creates a PR and adds Doist’s Integrations team as the reviewer and adds me as the assignee.

This has been saving a ton of time for me. Hope it’s useful for someone else. :)