PotHix ❤ Doist

TL;DR: I’m working on something I really believe is good at Doist and I feel great. As I mentioned on this post (in pt-BR) I left the company I was working for the last year to join a new company. The new company is Doist and I’m working for them since July. Some time ago a friend asked me why I joined Doist and I realized it’s kind of a love story so I decided to write the post.

My Archlinux setup

I was playing with Archlinux in the last 3 or 4 years and last year I decided to reboot my configuration files and start using Xfce. Talking to Fabio Akita about my Archlinux tunning, I heard that I should be posting about that. That’s true, so I decided to start writing it. I wrote in March and it was in draft form since then, so it’s time to release it.

Wordpress to Middleman, to Hugo using github-pages and HTTPS

Yes, it was a journey. I decided to chance my blog engine again. But this time I decided to post about the whole transition, since I started my blog, back in 2008. I needed a blog at the time but could not spend time creating something, I just wanted to “buy a blog” and write. Dreamhost was an awesome service for that. In one hour I bought a domain, installed a Wordpress via one click install and set up my own email via Google apps (at the time it was free).

FOSDEM survival guide

TL;DR: It was my first time at FOSDEM and it took some time to feel comfortable, this post may help newcomers. As I mentioned in my previous post, I spoke at FOSDEM this year. It was my first time there (in the whole Europe, btw!) and it took some time to get used to the way the event goes. This post will show some tips that may help FOSDEM newcomers and maybe some veterans as well.

My presentation at FOSDEM 2017

This year my proposal to speak at FOSDEM was accepted and I spoke at the Desktop devroom! :) It was my first talk in English, so I decided to do as many rehearsals as I could. I was 8 in total, but as expected, it was still a little bit faster than expected. :P I had 30 minutes to present and I did it in 26. I usually speak fast and this presentation was made to be fast because I had a lot of content to show in 30 minutes.

Experiences of almost two years using Colemak

TL;DR: I like Colemak, and it is a very good layout. I found some equivalent pros and cons, so I can’t recommend it to anyone without a little bit of philosophy. :) For those who don’t know Colemak, it is a keyboard layout created to make the most used keys stay in the home row as well as make you swipe between your right and left hand. There is a keyboard layouts heatmap for you to understand the benefits of using a keyboard layout that was designed to help you to be comfortable and fast when typing instead of one that helping the operator to not jam the typewriter.

Ruby, Python e native threads

Pode ser que eu seja meio burro (heheh) mas eu ainda achava que o Ruby e o Python usavam Green Threads, mas depois de conversar com uma galera me disseram que eram threads nativas. Pesquisando na internet eu vi que eram mesmo, mas decidi rodar um strace para ver elas rolando e postar sobre isso. Fiz dois scripts simples: Python import threading import time for i in range(5): t = threading.

Golang and 1.2 version performance improvement

I’ve started using Go last month and I really liked to work with the language. The project I’m working on is dead simple and just retrieves metrics and save on a redis server (the data will be analyzed by a different project that I’m working on). So I have 15 goroutines retrieving data constantly and I’m using just two native threads. I did some CPU profiling on the code using my current machine for Golang 1.

Plaev, HTML5 e Skeleton-jigsaw

Depois de muito tempo desenvolvendo finalmente terminamos o Skeleton-Jigsaw em outubro! Demorei para postar sobre isso aqui no blog por falta de tempo, mas aqui está! Eu e o Rafael Masoni trabalhamos nesse jogo durante quase 1 ano (começamos a falar dele no comecinho de janeiro) investindo nosso tempo livre para fazer todas as partes do jogo (audio, programação, arte, game design, level design e etc). Vou descrever um pouco do que fizemos e como organizamos, mas vai ser apenas um resumo do que falamos na nossa palestra no Guru-SP:

Javascript and Gamedev discussion

I read the blog post from Impact engine creator Dominic where he shows an email he sent to John Carmack about his opinions on Javascript expressed on his keynote. Dominic is trying to show that Javascript is not a good language to develop the next AAA game but it is awesome to make simple games and have it easily available to the world. We have a lot of negative comments on the post (I really don’t know why) but some good ones too.