This year my proposal to speak at FOSDEM was accepted and I spoke at the Desktop devroom! :)

It was my first talk in English, so I decided to do as many rehearsals as I could. I was 8 in total, but as expected, it was still a little bit faster than expected. :P

I had 30 minutes to present and I did it in 26. I usually speak fast and this presentation was made to be fast because I had a lot of content to show in 30 minutes. So, it was FAST (even more than what I was expecting). LOL

I’m OK with the final result. It’s far from being my best presentation but it’s the first one in a different language, so it’s acceptable.

They already published the video for my presentation, and it is available here as desktops_open_source_behind_web_request.

In case you want more information about the presentation, including the slides, you may want to check its page on FOSDEM Schedule.

FOSDEM was great, can’t wait for the next! :)