My Current Productivity Workflow

From time to time, I receive questions about my productivity workflow, so I decided to write it down here. Keep in mind it’s a living thing and may change with time, but what I’m documenting here is what I’m using right now. Tool As you probably know, I work for Doist for some time now, and I’m a Todoist user since 2007, so the my tool of choice is quite obvious.

How was Rust LATAM 2019

For those who don’t know, I’m a proud core organizer of the Rust LATAM conference. 🎉 The conference happened on March 29 and 30, and this post describes how it was to organize the whole thing. Even with the small problems we had (as any other big conference), the feedback we received so far were very positive. We were able to bring amazing speakers to the conference, which brought high-level content even for beginners.

Stats for Jun, 2018

Guess what!? Yes, metrics for June! 📊 Books I usually don’t count how many books I read, I just track and check at the end of the month. When I saw that I read five books read this month, my face was like 😱. All of them received a 4-star review, so the result is quite good. Managing Oneself: This is a great book. It’s not life-changing, but there are many great tips to improve your life.

Stats for May, 2018

It’s May, and it’s time for metrics! 📊 Books Two books read this month, but both received a 3 stars review: Wait, What?: And Life’s Other Essential Questions: Exactly what the author says in the beginning: It’s a lecture that became a book. Not bad, but OK-ish. Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work: More political views than I was expecting and the pacing is not so good.

Stats for Apr, 2018

It’s time for April metrics! 📊 Books Note: I write a review for each book I read. You can find them on my Goodreads account. Again, just one book this month, and again, a 5 stars one! A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy. This book was on my reading list for many months now. After reading it, I realized I’m practicing a fraction of Stoicism for many years.

Stats for Mar, 2018

March is gone, and it’s time for metrics! 📊 Books Note: I write a review for each book I read. You can find them on my Goodreads account. Just one book this month, but a 5 stars one: When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. This book is about optimization based on time and energy. What is the best time to do some action based on statistics? I found it to be amazing and could confirm many of the assumptions with my data.

Stats for Feb, 2018

February time! Let’s see what we can get from my metrics. 😀 Books Note: I write a review for each book I read. You can find them on my Goodreads account. I’m quite satisfied with my reading list for this month: Five books read in a month and a 4.6 average rating. That’s what I call a good reading month. The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence.

Stats for Jan, 2018

I’m excited to write this post about my performance for the first month of the year. I think I will have some great news at the end of this post, related to my expenses. Let’s get started! 😀 Books I decided to listen to my podcasts this month, so I did not hear that many audiobooks. The only book I read this month was a physical book: Hiding in unnatural happiness is a book I received from a monk in York.

2017 Year in Review (with metrics!)

Brace yourselves, this post will be HUGE TL;DR: It was a great year and I’m really glad to see the metrics and notice everything I accomplished. I don’t remember the last time I posted my yearly review publicly but as I’m doing monthly posts of my stats, it makes sense to do an annual review as well. I do yearly reviews since around 2005 but I never post them publicly.

Stats for Dec, 2017

Came back from a travel last month and just packed my stuff to travel again this month. Let’s see if it affected my performance. Books I was traveling this month, so as usual, I’m not reading/listening to audiobooks because I prefer to focus on the place I’m visiting. For this reason, I did not finish any book this month. With that said, it is the first time I have 4 books on my reading list at the same time.