FOSDEM survival guide

TL;DR: It was my first time at FOSDEM and it took some time to feel comfortable, this post may help newcomers. As I mentioned in my previous post, I spoke at FOSDEM this year. It was my first time there (in the whole Europe, btw!) and it took some time to get used to the way the event goes. This post will show some tips that may help FOSDEM newcomers and maybe some veterans as well.

My presentation at FOSDEM 2017

This year my proposal to speak at FOSDEM was accepted and I spoke at the Desktop devroom! :) It was my first talk in English, so I decided to do as many rehearsals as I could. I was 8 in total, but as expected, it was still a little bit faster than expected. :P I had 30 minutes to present and I did it in 26. I usually speak fast and this presentation was made to be fast because I had a lot of content to show in 30 minutes.

Experiences of almost two years using colemak

TL;DR: I like colemak, and it is a very good layout. I found some equivalent pros and cons, so I can’t recommend it to anyone without a little bit of philosophy. :) For those who don’t know Colemak, it is a keyboard layout created to make the most used keys stay in the home row as well as make you swipe between your right and left hand. There is a keyboard layouts heatmap for you to understand the benefits of using a keyboard layout that was designed to help you to be confortable and fast when typing instead of one that helping the operator to not jam the typewriter.

OSCON 2015

TL;DR I’ve been at OSCON this year (thanks to Locaweb) and this post will summarize my impressions about the conference. I spoke at Locaweb Tech-Talks about it and you can find my slides here (in portuguese). OSCON (Open Source Conference) is one of the most important open source conferences of our time and happened in Portland this year as usual. Portland is a great city, the one I liked the most until now, it doesn’t have high car traffic, MAX (the train) took us for most of the places we wanted to know, nice people all over the place, great convention center and a lot of other benefits.

New layout of PotHix blog

Welcome to the new blog layout of! :) I decided that the time has came to change not just the layout but the blog engine as well. I’m now using middleman instead of wordpress. Just to be clear, I don’t think wordpress is not good at all, but I want to publish static files instead of keeping the wordpress “infrastructure”. I’ve divided into 3 feeds: Only english posts: http://feeds.

Golang and 1.2 version performance improvement

I’ve started using Go last month and I really liked to work with the language. The project I’m working on is dead simple and just retrieves metrics and save on a redis server (the data will be analyzed by a different project that I’m working on). So I have 15 goroutines retrieving data constantly and I’m using just two native threads. I did some CPU profiling on the code using my current machine for Golang 1.

Game Network Programming

English Abstract: This post was about my presentation with Diego Souza (vulgo Marciano) about Game network programming. I was studying and reading Quake source just for fun and decided to learn more about game networking in general, so I decided to prepare this presentation to show other people what I’ve learned. You can see the full video (portuguese only, sorry) and the slides below. Portuguese: Eu e o Diego Souza (vulgo Marciano) fizemos uma palestra sobre Game network programming tanto na Locaweb como no Guru-SP.

A lifestyle

Just a transcript from here, but it reflects my way of life at this stage of my life: We believe in going our own way,no matter which way the rest of the world is going. We believe in bucking the system that’s built to smash individuals as bugs on a windshield. Some of us believe in the man upstairs.All of us believe in sticking in to the man down here. We believe in the sky and we don’t believe in the sunroof.

Javascript and Gamedev discussion

I read the blog post from Impact engine creator Dominic where he shows an email he sent to John Carmack about his opinions on Javascript expressed on his keynote. Dominic is trying to show that Javascript is not a good language to develop the next AAA game but it is awesome to make simple games and have it easily available to the world. We have a lot of negative comments on the post (I really don’t know why) but some good ones too.

Kernel compiling

Since I bought an Acer notebook to use Linux again (I sold my mac, I have a post about it but in portuguese) I started to compile my own kernel. The reasons for the decision: I have a hardware that works better with the newer kernels. I really want to understand the linux kernel better. As Judas Priest sings on Painkiller song: “I’m living on the eeeeeedge”. LOL How to proceed There are some steps to follow when compiling a new kernel for your Linux box: