This is a post I’m postponing since 2016. 😅

I built a case for my Kindle using a book with a nice cover that a friend gave me “for sacrifice”. The process was simple and the result is great IMO. I will describe the step by step here in case you want to do one for yourself.

This is the book I got:

The first step is to glue all pages. You can do that by using common paper glue with a bit of water and spread it on the side of the book, applying to all pages at once with a paintbrush:

Don’t forget to protect the book cover with some sort of plastic just to avoid damage because of the glue.

Put some weight on top of it (more books, why not?):

After some time, things must be OK:

We can now use a craft knife to make a hole of the exact size of a Kindle paperwhite (or any kindle you have that is smaller than the book, obviously):

I decided to add a simple bookmark, to make it easy to remove the Kindle from there and also to give it a final touch. I used a super glue for that:

Here is the final result (at the day):

Now, five years after the initial setup, I added a magnet (it can’t be a strong one) to make the Kindle turn the display on when I open the book:

Here is the final result:

As you can see, the bookmark is not present anymore. The Superglue held it for some time, but the paper was not strong enough to keep it in place.

That’s it! I really like my small book case, hope it inspires you to make your own.