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I’m Willian Molinari, also known as PotHix. I’m a software developer since 2006 and worked with a lot of different languages in my career like: ASP2, VB.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Golang, Javascript and a little bit of C. For more information on my career read my Linkedin Profile.

Getting in touch

Want to contact me? Here are come places you can find me:

And obviously, you can always send me an email (I prefer) on pothix [at] pothix [dot] com

WTF is PotHix

Well… Here we go again. :)

If you’re reading this the probability that you asked me “WTF PotHix means” is really high, so I redirected you to this page where I tried to explain the reason of that silly nickname.

Back when Diablo II was a hit I had a Paladin char and was playing Diablo a lot with my friends. In the same time I found that was really boring to create new accounts on some websites because the name WillianMolinari was already taken on them (yes.. The same name with the same letters), so I decided that a new nickname was needed! And started thinking about it.

The requiremens are:

  • Good to read
  • Unique
  • Should represent things I like

With these requirements in mind I started to pick some letters:

  • P aladin
  • o f
  • t he
  • H eaven

Nice! It was cool to me, I think nobody else will use PotH as a Nickname… until I found a guy with PotH as surname when playing Gunbound (with a 56kbs connection… LOL). So, let’s go to the plan B:

  • ix - from the *.nix. Linux ftw. :) So I got PotHix!! Yay!!

Silly, isn’t? d-_-b

As you could see on my requirements, I was not thinking on people calling me by this name, I just wanted a good nickname to use on my games and logins, but today I’m known as PotHix more than Willian Molinari. LOL

So, you can stop asking me if PotHix has something to do with drugs…It is just a nerd thing from someone that haven’t considered people saying this out loud. ;)