desconstruindo a web

I wrote desconstruindo a web in 2016 and my goal was to help web developers to understand the whole cycle of their application, from the initial keystroke to the loaded page.

It’s important to understand all the pieces involved in a web request so we can better debug problems happening in this process. The internet is a complex system and many parts can fail, knowing the purpose of each is quite useful when something goes wrong.

The whole writing process (research, drawing, writing, publishing, etc.) took me 315 houurs. I wrote about this process here in pt-BR (with automatic translation to English).

At the moment of this writing, this book bought by almost 1500 people and has the highest review between the books of my publisher with more than 50 reviews (5 star average with 1 review doesn’t count 😛), which makes me quite happy.


Rust book

I was the main tech reviewer for the first edition of the book and became a co-author. The second edition was rewriten by me and the original author, my friend Marcelo Castellani, to be fully compatible with the 2021 edition of Rust.

This book was written to help those who want a pt-BR fluid reading on how to start playing with the Rust language. We explain the basics of the language and open an umbrella of possibilities that the language provides.

Reviewer for other books

I love writing, and I’m involved in other books and articles other than my own book and this blog. I will list some of them here.

Rails book: One of the tech reviewers


I was one of the tech reviewers for this book in 2012. The book was written by Vinicius Baggio using Rails 3. It was being sold there for many years but did not receive many updates, which cause it to be removed from the store in 2018 approximately.

Semantic web book: One of the book reviewers


I was one of the reviewers for this book written by Diego Eis. I’m not a tech reviewer here because semantic web is not a topic I’m deeply experienced with, but I was able to contribute with book writing experience and didactics.

HTML game development hotshot: One of the tech reviewers


I was approached by PacketPub to review this book as a HTML5 game development specialist when I was working on my HTML5 games. The book is written by Makzan and uses CreateJS to show HTML5 game development in practice.