Kernel compiling

Since I bought an Acer notebook to use Linux again (I sold my mac, I have a post about it but in portuguese) I started to compile my own kernel. The reasons for the decision: I have a hardware that works better with the newer kernels. I really want to understand the linux kernel better. As Judas Priest sings on Painkiller song: “I’m living on the eeeeeedge”. LOL How to proceed There are some steps to follow when compiling a new kernel for your Linux box:

Simlinks for ruby on Debian Squeeze

Every time we need to deploy a new Ruby application on top of Debian Squeeze we need to fix some Ruby depedencies to make the application work as it should. It happens because we’re building using rvm instead of the packaged version of ruby, but it needed to be that way in order to use our old build server. I’ll keep it documented here: ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ ln -s /usr/bin/rake1.

Translated Rubylearning presentation

As I promised, here goes my presentation! :) Finally i finished to translate all the presentation! Watched the video a lot of times, pausing and playing to write all I said translating to english. :) Fortunately I had a big help from my friend Victor Goff, that corrected all my grammar errors and typos. I’m posting below all i have about the presentation, slides from Slideshare and a translation pasted here, but you can find the translation at Google Docs too.

Deploying a simple Merb application on Locaweb

I writing this post to help my friends of Rubylearning with a little Merb application deployment on Locaweb. I’m just translating some informations that you can find here”) in portuguese. Lets get started! :D First open the Domain Manager (gerenciador de domínios) on Locaweb Panel (painel da Locaweb) and configure the pointer of your main site to other directory on public_html of your account (this directory don’t need to exist).

New year is coming

Estou apenas postando para dizer que nesse novo ano eu pretendo postar mais sobre programação! Essa é a primeira virada de ano desse blog, então resolvi postar meus “planos” para o próximo ano. Como o blog é novo eu comecei a escrever faz pouco tempo e estou pegando experiência aos poucos, e talvez agora nesse novo ano a qualidade dos posts aumente! (ou não…heheh). Não sei bem qual rumo minha vida vai seguir nesse novo ano, o que eu vou ter que aprender e estudar, talvez eu tenha que aprender coisas que eu não tinha planejado e isso pode tomar uma boa parte do meu tempo, mas eu pretendo postar todos os meus estudos aqui, portanto terei algum material interessante aqui.

First post in English here

Hi international friends! :) I’m just posting to inform that I want to post some content in English too! I’ll try to make a RSS Feed only for my English posts, so you don’t need to view my portuguese posts on your feed reader. :) As everyone knows, my English is not so good, but I think you can understand me well! Any English errors (I’m sure it will have a lot of them) please tell me and I’ll correct it asap.