As part of a 1-week trip through Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น in 2022, I had the chance to spend 2 days in Venice with my wife and sister. It was right after the Doist retreat, and I was feeling quite tired in the first day of the trip, but the mood changed quite fast after the first day. ๐Ÿ˜€


We decided to get a Penzione with a room for 3. The name of the place is Penzione Guerrato, and it is near the Rialto bridge.

The location is quite good and most things were just a 10-15 mins walk.

The place definitely feels old inside and that’s on purpose. We got a room that shared the bathroom with 3 other rooms. I’m used to hostels, so it was not a problem at all, but I have to say I don’t know if I would book a shared bathroom again if I’m travelling with my wife, and it’s not a hostel.

They have good breakfast and the staff is usually very helpful and friendly. We were able to store our luggage there after the checkout to enjoy the city a bit more.

Things to do

Walking tour

As usual, we went to a walking tour and it was quite nice.

I certainly recommend our guide. Some nice recommendations and good history about Venice while walking around the city.

Basilica San Marco

Nice to go inside, just don’t buy the audiobook, I considered it to be a waste of money.

Gondola tour

We spent โ‚ฌ120 for the tour, but I have to say: totally worth it. Was such a good experience doing the full Gondola tour through the city. They have a smaller one too, but the full tour is worth it.

Other places (to expand later)

  • Museo Correr
  • Palacio Ducal
  • St Mark’s Campanile

Foods & drinks

Venchi: Gelatto

A nice place to have some different Gelattos.

Trattoria Al Gazzettino

It was the first place we ate in Venice. We had a nice lunch there. We found it very randomly, just by looking at Google maps, but it did not disappoint.


I arrived by train from Jenbach to Venezia Santa Lucia, which is right on the main island. It took 15 mins of walking to get from the train station to the Penzione we got.

My wife and sister came by airplane and got the water taxi to get to the main island. It took about 40 mins to get tho the station close to the main square.

To leave, we all went walking to Venezia Santa Lucia and got the train to Fizenze (Florence).