In July 2022 I spent 3 days in Rome and quite enjoyed it. The only problem was the extreme heat and crowded city, but other than that, things went great.


I stayed on a BnB called CityLife Rome. I booked it on booking as I was traveling with my wife and sister and was looking for a place for 3 that was affortable and had a great location.

This place is quite close to the Roma Termini, giving you access to the lines A and B and a lot of flexibility to use the Metro.

The location proved to be a great advantage and the hosts were very responsive to everything. We even had a power outage situation in the whole building, and they did their best to have the situation fixed ASAP.


Rome is a big city and there are many amazing places to see.

Saint Peter’s Basilica

  • Saint Peter’s Basilica Cupula
  • Necropolis of Saint Peter tour (reservation required)

Vatican Museums

You will find the sistine chapel there. A good tip is to not rush to the sistine chapel. The museum has some sort of route you have to follow, if you go there directly, you will have to do the whole route again.


It’s less impressive than what I expected, but it was a good visit.

Roman forum

It was very hot, so we didn’t enjoy much. There are not many places to hide from the sun.


People who know me are aware that I’m not very into food. This is usually not a priority for me when I’m travelling, but I’m making an exception for Italy.

In Rome, I did not look for anything specific, but decided to look for good-rated places and try different kinds of foods.

I tried:

  • Pastaciutta
  • Babbo’s Ristorante Pizzeria - It was close to the AirBnB and good enough)
  • Perdincibacco Bistro - Close to the Vatican. Good food, simple place, not too expensive.
  • al42 by Pasta Chef Rione Monti - Very small place, but I really liked the food