This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sievers.

I’m living in São Paulo, Brazil and working for Doist full-time and for Intervac as a freelancer when I have time to spare.

Here is a list of my current priorities:

  1. Improving Todoist and Twist integrations platform at Doist
  2. Working full time (and improving my skills) with Python and Golang
  3. Improving my Rust skills and trying to contribute to the compiler (not much time for it nowadays, unfortunately)
  4. Being one of the main organizers of the São Paulo Rust community (for almost 2+ years)
  5. Consuming books (mostly audiobooks on Audible). My reviews are available here
  6. Following up closely to the evolution of my twin babies that are currently in the ICU for being prematures

These are some activities I still enjoy and want to be involved but I’m not finding much time nowadays:

  1. I’m still part of the team that organizes meetups for the Ruby community in São Paulo (for more than 11 years)
  2. Playing with Cardistry and Magic. It’s a nice hobby and helps to be outside of the digital world sometimes.

Things that I’m avoiding because of COVID-19:

  1. Playing Magic the gathering for fun. I’m playing Pauper. my decks are here. I usually play in a local game store, but it’s now closed to avoid social interaction.
  2. Not going to the Gym daily

Here are my coding stats for the last 30 days:

(last updated in June 2020)

Hours coding

Languages used

Editors I'm using

This data is provided by Wakatime. Here is my profile, if you want to check it there.