This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sievers.

I’m living in São Paulo, Brazil and working for Doist full-time and for Intervac as a freelancer when I have time to spare.

Here is a list of my current priorities:

  • Improving Todoist and Twist integrations platform at Doist
  • Working full time (and improving my skills) with Python and Golang
  • Improving my Rust skills and trying to contribute to the compiler
  • Being one of the main organizers of the São Paulo Rust community (for almost 2+ years)
  • Organizing (actually canceling because of COVID-19 😞) Rust LATAM 2020
  • Consuming books (mostly audiobooks on Audible). My reviews are available here
  • Getting myself ready to the big changes coming soon to my personal life.

These are some activities I still enjoy and want to be involved but I’m not finding much time nowadays:

  • I’m in charge of organizing meetups for the Ruby community in São Paulo (I’m organizing for 10+ years now)
  • Playing with Cardistry and Magic. It’s a nice hobby and helps to be outside of the digital world sometimes.

Things that I’m avoiding because of COVID-19:

  • Playing Magic the gathering for fun. I’m playing Pauper. my decks are here. I usually play in a local game store, but it’s now closed to avoid social interaction.
  • Not going to the Gym daily

Here are my coding stats for the last 30 days:

(last updated in March 2020)

Hours coding

Languages used

Editors I'm using

This data is provided by Wakatime. Here is my profile, if you want to check it there.