This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sievers.

I’m living in São Paulo, Brazil and working for Doist remotely and asynchronously full-time.

Intervac when there time to spare.

Here is a list of my current priorities:

  1. Improving Todoist and Twist APIs and backend codebase at Doist. Mostly working with Python and Golang.
  2. Improving my Rust skills and trying to contribute to the compiler (not much time for it nowadays, unfortunately)
  3. Co-authoring a book about Rust in pt-BR 🦀
  4. Taking care of my twin children at home with all its ups and downs. Things are totally improving now compared to what they used to be months ago.
  5. Building a knowledge-base using Roam Research. It' literally changing the way I consume content. I totally recommend it.

These are some activities I still enjoy and want to be involved but I’m not finding much time nowadays:

  1. Being one of the main organizers of the São Paulo Rust community (for 3+ years), not active since the beginning of the pandemic, unfortunately.
  2. Trying to get some time to assemble a dactyl-cc and a Corne low profile keyboard. I’m maintaining awesome-dactyl if you’re interesting in knowing more about it. :)
  3. Consuming books (mostly audiobooks on Audible). My reviews are available here. I was still able to read 10 books this year already and I’m glad about it.
  4. I’m still part of the team that organizes meetups for the Ruby community in São Paulo (since 2008!).

Now that the pandemic situation in Brazil is much better, I’m starting to go out a bit and meet friends in open spaces.

I hope I can get back to meetups and IRL MTG playing next year. 🤞

(last updated in Nov 2021)