This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sievers.

I’m currently living in Diadema, São Paulo while working for Doist remotely and asynchronously full-time and Intervac when there time to spare.

Here is a list of my current priorities:

  1. Improving Todoist and Twist APIs and backend codebase at Doist. Mostly working with Python and a bit of Golang.
  2. Improving my Rust skills. I would love to contribute to the compiler, but I can’t find enough time for it nowadays, unfortunately.
  3. Taking care of my twins at home with all its ups and downs. They are currently on their terrible twos. I have to say it’s much better than it once was, so I’m positive about it.
  4. Building a second brain using Roam Research.
  5. Organizing the São Paulo Rust community 🦀 (I’m doing that since 2017) and the Ruby community in São Paulo (since 2008!), while speaking about the topics I love here and there.
  6. Trying to find some time to post about my fully assembled dactyl-cc and to build my Corne low profile keyboard. I’m maintaining awesome-dactyl if you’re interesting in knowing more about it. :)
  7. Consuming books (mostly audiobooks on Audible). My reviews are available here.

(last updated in Aug 2022)