This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sievers.

I’m currently living in Indaiatuba, São Paulo while working remotely. I have my own company, work full-time for Doist and Intervac when there time to spare.

Here is a list of my current priorities:

  1. Improving Todoist and Twist APIs and backend codebase at Doist. Mostly working with Python and a bit of Golang.
  2. Improving my Rust skills. I would love to contribute to the compiler, but I can’t find enough time for it nowadays, unfortunately.
  3. Taking care of my twins at home with all its ups and downs. They are currently on their terrible twos, but starting preschool now, which makes me feel the silence again for a few hours.
  4. Building a second brain using Roam Research.
  5. Organizing the São Paulo Rust community 🦀 (I’m doing that since 2017) and the Ruby community in São Paulo (since 2008!), while speaking about the topics I love here and there.
  6. Trying to find some time to post about my fully assembled dactyl-cc and to build my Corne low profile keyboard. I’m maintaining awesome-dactyl if you’re interesting in knowing more about it. :)
  7. Consuming books (mostly audiobooks on Audible). My reviews are available here.

(last updated in Jan 2023)