If you’re here looking for videos of my talks, I recommend you to check my list of talks page.

I love podcasts! It’s the media I consume the most nowadays (along with audiobooks!), so I do my best to contribute to it. Most of them (maybe all) are in pt-BR, but I’m adding the language in the table so you can find the ones you can understand, if any.

Date Lang Episode title
2021-04-30 pt-BR Todoist e trabalho remoto
2019-10-01 pt-BR Cultura de aprendizado
2019-09-24 pt-BR Comunidades de software
2019-08-10 pt-BR Papo sobre Docker
2019-05-04 pt-BR Como ler um livro rendeu uma vaga na Red Hat
2018-12-21 pt-BR DNE 186 - Fim de Ano
2018-12-04 pt-BR Mais produtividade
2018-11-06 pt-BR Desvendando os segredos do Todoist
2018-09-04 pt-BR Trabalho Remoto: Um programador no Todoist
2018-08-28 pt-BR Trabalho remoto
2018-08-15 pt-BR Trabalhar HOME OFFICE
2017-11-20 pt-BR A Doist e o trabalho remoto
2017-11-09 pt-BR Organização pessoal e produtividade
2017-07-24 pt-BR Willian Molinari - Desconstruindo a Web
2016-10-26 pt-BR DNE 77 - PotHix

I was also mentioned in some other podcasts. These are not content brought to the podcast by me, but my name was mentioned or my voice played during the show

Date Lang Episode title
2008-02-22 pt-BR Traumas de Infância - Jovem Nerd