This will be a quick post to help people that are doing the same search as I was doing some minutes ago: “firefox disable ctrl+q”.

I’m using Firefox Quantum for some weeks now (will probably post about it in the future) and the ctrl+q “feature” really annoys me.

It’s not the first time that I hit ctrl+q by accident just to see the entire browser and tabs being closed without warning. I was looking on Google and could not find anything on how to disable it. There were some extensions but none of them work on Firefox Quantum, so I decided to dig into the internal configurations.

Looks like there is a configuration called browser.showQuitWarning that helps with this problem. It does not disable the ctrl+q but shows a warning and you can just cancel it in case it was an accident.

It’s easy to enable it:

  • Type about:config in the address bar
  • It will say that it’s a place for advanced users, so you have to accept the risk!
  • search for browser.showQuitWarning
  • click on it and change it to true

Firefox Quantum is really better than Chrome nowadays, hope it helps with the Quit problem.