This is my page of all things code-related.

I’ve been writing code professioally since 2007 and have some things to show. Some of them were done on my spare time and others were part of my paid job.

These are projects I’ve worked full-time while being employed by a company or working as a freelancer. They are projects I deeply cared about, in one way or another.

Locaweb: Cloud PRO


I was the main developer for the Cloud Server PRO product at Locaweb. Worked on the project since its beta release and improved for 5 years.

It’s (mostly) a Ruby+Rails project responsible for the main state machine provisioning virtual machines on the Xen hypervisor. The application was also responsible for the configuration of other pieces of infrastructure like DHCP servers, Firewalls, software defined networks and etc.

Doist: Todoist


I’m a Todoist user since 2007, when I started my programming career. I joined Doist in 2017 to take care of API and integrations for Todoist (and Twist).

Todoist is a proprietary software written in Python (python 2 when I joined and Python 3 nowadays). I’ve been working on internal and external integratoins along with taking care of APIs and how these are used by internal and external clients.

Doist: Twist


Twist is the messaging app for those who like to focus on their work instead of fighting the infinite flow of real time communication. I joined Doist some weeks before the Twist launch. Since then, I’m on the team responsible for the platform for integrations. The platform includes the API, integrations, and communication with external developers.

Hobbies and personal projects

These are projects I mostly did by myself because I love programming and creating new stuff. Some of them were just personal projects to help someone thrive in their business.

Skeleton Jigsaw

My demo game made with HTML5 and Javascript using impactJS engine.



Simple game made for Global Game Jam 2011


Jogando e aprendendo

Demo game made with HTML5 and Javascript using Akihabara engine. Made for children to improve the learning process.


Robotz Warehouse

Made with C++ and Allegro library. It’s a Gamejam code, so… it’s bad code but we got the second place at Itau Cultural Game Jam.