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Here are the distinct topics I spoke about during these years. If you're want to see the log of every presentation I did, please check my list of talks

Cloud + Ruby

The title for my talk was 'How we used Ruby to build Locaweb's cloud'. I spoke about it on Rubyconf 2013. It's about the cloud provisioning application we built at Locaweb."

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Open source of a web request

'Open source behind a web request'. Presented at FOSDEM (Belgium), it goes through a web request using open source software to detail what is happening in each stage.

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How Rubylearning works

What is and how does Rubylearning.org work. Presented at 'Ruby e Rails no mundo real 2009' at Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Why Vim?

A presentation about Vim. Why Vim is a good editor? This is good for me? What can Vim do for me?

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HTML5 Game development

The title was 'Desenvolvimento de jogos com Js e HTML5'. I spoke about the tools available for game development with HTML5 and Javascript at the time and their maturity status back in 2011


Parallel Implementations

This talk goes through the techniques we use to have parallel implementations running on the same system.


Game Network Programming

Game Network Programming. Presentation on our (me and dgvncsz0f) studies on how the network works for gaming


Ruby and XMPP

This talk shows how to interface XMPP with Ruby using blather gem

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HTML5 and Skeleton Jigsaw

HTML5, games and skeleton Jigsaw. How we built Skeleton Jigsaw from scratch using HTML5 and Javascript. From level design to programming.

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HTML5 games in 7 minutes

'Javascript e os Jogos no navegador'. A lightning talks (7 minutes) on how to build games with HTML5 and Javascript

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Building games with HTML5

Presentation from 2014 on which tools do we have for building a game with HTML5 and Javascript and how difficult is to create a game with it

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The developer choices

'As escolhas do desenvolvedor' shows many decisions we have to make as a developer and what are the consequences of them


Deconstructing the web

'Desconstruindo a web'. This presentation aims to explain everything that web people must know about a web request.

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APIs, curl, and jq

This lightning talk shows how to use curl and jq to play with API requests

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CLIs with Golang

This lightning talk shows many libraries available to build CLIs using Golang and the pros and cons of each one

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Snakegame in Javascript

A live-coding talk of how to build a simple snake game using canvas API and Javascript


Snakegame in Ruby

A live-coding talk of how to build a simple snake game using Ruby and Gosu

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Snakegame in Python

A live-coding talk of how to build a simple snake game using Python and PyGame

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Snakegame in Rust

A talk about using games (with ggez) to learn a little bit about the Rust language

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10 years of Guru-SP

It was time to celebrate 10 years leading the Ruby community in São Paulo. This presentation was created to have fun with friends and remember the old times

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