Stats for Jun, 2017

I’m ready to review my stats for June and share them with you! Are you? Hope so! :D


List of books read this month

Last month I read Deep Work again because I was preparing to work for a new company. The new company is Doist, but this is a topic for a another post. It proved to be a great asset, as they also recommend reading it. From their reading list I also took The score takes care of itself and Start with Why. Both are great books on how to think your products and leadership, highly recommended!

Before joining I read The secrets of story, a great book on how to write novels and keep your reader turning pages. There are many great tips there, I really recommend if you want to write a novel someday.

The other one is Louder than words. It’s all about how we deal with meaning. It was interesting to think about meaning as a concept beyond words, for computer scientists, think about words as being pointers to a meaning. :)

That’s it, 4 books in a month, I’m proud of myself :P


As usual, I’m using that same export file from Pocket and the same script to calculate the amount of articles I read:

var uls=document.body.getElementsByTagName("ul");
for(var i=0; i<uls.length; i++) {

It means I have 968 articles Unread and 708 articles Read. Comparing with my results from the last month (861 unread and 662 read), I got around 11% more unread articles and only 6.5% more read articles.

It was a lot more unread articles and not so much read ones. I will have to work on it again.


Here goes the charts from Wakatime since the last post.

Hours of coding on Wakatime this month

Looks like my coding productivity is back to normal. Hope to improve my deep working this month.

Much of what I did was related to improve static pages and documentation projects, so I have a lot of bash and Markdown as most used languages.

Languages used during this month on Wakatime

Editors are pretty much the same as last month’s.

Editors used during this month on Wakatime


Here is the current status of my goal for presentations this month:

Burn down chart for my presentations

A good progress this month and I have three more scheduled for next month. Go go go!


Here is my Podcast Addict stats:

Amount of time spent listening to Podcasts this month

1 day and 23 hours of podcast time. It’s a lot less than last month, but that’s common as I listened to many audiobooks instead.

I decided to keep a list of the Podcasts and their times as well.

Amount of time spent listening to Podcasts, ordered by title

Just for the record, this is an “all time list” and I’m tracking time instead of episode which makes short podcasts to not appear as “most listened” ones. I listen to CBN podcasts almost every day, but they are just some minutes long.

Hours working

Here is the data from my time tracking software, Toggl:

Hours working using Toggl

The above chart is just for my freelance and full-time job. It’s less than what I’m used to see but it’s OK since I left my previous job and took some days “off” (not exactly off, but that’s it).

There is another chart for my personal projects:

Hours working on personal projects using Toggl

Almost 4x more than April. :D

Here is my data from RescueTime:

Goal of productive hours on RescueTime

For the first time (I think…) I reached my goal! New job + deep work FTW.

Physical activity

I’m using my Mi band data to calculate my average steps:

Activity data for this month by Mi-Fit app

According to this data, I can conclude that I had a daily average of 10.6k steps (318/30), a lot more than next month (it was 8.3k) \o/.

And these are my steps each day:

Amount of steps for this month

My max distance was 11.7km:

Travelled distance this month

My weight is almost the same:

My weight for this month

My sleep data:

Amount of sleep for this month

Less average sleeping and less deep sleeping for this month. It’s not so much (around 10min avg for both), but I should keep an eye on it.

TV Shows

According to tvshowtime I watched 35 episodes this month.

TV shows watched this month according to tvshowtime

It’s a combination of Better call saul, two seasons of Sense 8, and Mr. Robot (finally! :D).

It’s a bit confusing to calculate how many days I spent on TV shows this month, but I now reached the mark of 1 month of time spent (or wasted, pick your side) watching TV. =/

Words written and errors

I’m using Grammarly to improve my English and track the amount of words and errors when I’m writting. Unfortunately, they only send weekly emails, but I will try to keep this metric for a while.

My stats for this month:

  • 34156 words written (26914 last month)
  • 634 corrections made (243 last month)
  • 10332 unique words (11478 last month)

More than 8k words written compared to last month but also almost 3x more corrections made :(. Unique words are less than next month but not so much.


For some reason 1 country and 1 city is gone from my timeline, maybe I did some cleanup but didn’t remember. In the other hand, the amount of places I visited increased by 55! I’m not sure why that happened, since I did not traveled this month. It was probably some cleanup made by Google Maps folks.

General view of my locations data

I also decided to add the amount of time spent in a vehicle this month:

Location time and distance

9 hours in the whole month! In contrast, I walked 111km, which is probably part of my daily dog walking / Gym routine. Remote work FTW!


My expenses for this month:

Expenses by category this month

This chart represents a small portion of 17% of net income, the rest is being invested. Yeah, but again this was atypical month. I know it’s being repetitive already but as I’m changing jobs, I received some money related to Brazilian work law stuff (yeah, it’s complicated) and almost everything was invested. Part of this money will be used in the next month, because I will not be able to generate invoices yet, thanks to the very slow Brazilian processes to have your own company.

I had to change my portfolio because of this changes in my professional life and also because of the current state of economics and politics in Brazil.

This month I increased my total savings by 5.2% and reached 72.46% of my goal.

Time to write this blog post

Some people are asking me about how much time it take to collect all the data and write the blog post, so I decided to add this metric.

It took 4 hours and 03 minutes to write this post

Almost the double comparing to last month. As I had to change a lot of things on my investment portfolio, it took some time to organize everything again.


I feel great this month. :)

The new job is amazing and I can focus on my deep working routine to actually do real stuff. I’m still getting used to the new workflow and software I have to support, but it’s being an awesome experience.

Hope to have more good news next month.