Stats for February, 2017

February was an atypical month because I was on vacation. :)

Much of my stats will reflect my travel around Europe. But no coding was done during this trip.


Continuing my goal to read 30 books this year, I read two books this month:

List of books read this month

I had plans to visit Amsterdam and Oxford during my travel. Because of that I decided to read the story of Kullervo, which mention a lot about J.R.R Tolkien past (it was one of his first stories), and The Diary of a Young Girl, because I had plans to visit Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam.


As I said in the beginning, there was no coding this month. I left São Paulo in Feb 2 and got back in Feb 28. So, my Wakatime charts are empty for this month.


The whole reason of this month’s trip was to speak at FOSDEM. I planned the talk to be fast, but as it was my first English talk in a conference and I was pretty nervous, I spoke faster than I was expecting. :P

This was the only talk for this month, if you want to check it out go to the talk page in the FOSDEM website.


I’ve downloaded some podcasts and audiobooks to listen during this trip but did not listened to any of them. I was in a different mood during the trip. :)

Hours working

Guess what!? No working hours this month as well :P

Physical activity

Hm, that was huge! haha

This is the chart for steps. It may not be clear, but the peak is 34k+ steps in one day!

Amount of steps for this month

As you may expect by the amount of steps, the distance is high as well. My max was 31.5km walking in Feb 6th.

Travelled distance this month

By using miband, I can also track the amount of sleep for this month:

Amount of sleep for this month

I was waking up pretty early during the trip. :)


I’m using Google Timeline to track the places I’m visiting.

This month I received the first email with a summary of the new places I visited during the month. If you have an Android phone and you don’t like this tracking, just disable it in Google location tracking.

This month was interesting to share because of my vacation travel. I visited some new countries:

Countries visited this month

Some cities in those countries:

Cities visited this month

And many places in those cities:

Places visited this month

In general, I visited many places since it started tracking my location:

General view of my locations data

I will not always share all those images, but at least big picture will be here as a benchmark :)


This is something I’m planning to do for a long time now but never got the chance. I always keep track of my expenses and now I decided to publish here as well. It will not have values (because it don’t need to), but here is the chart for my expenses by category:

Expenses by category this month (yes... pt-BR =/)

Most part of my expenses was covering the travel expenses for my Eurotrip this month. But this chart of expenses represent only 22% of net income for this month because of the month salary and “bonuses” we got before leaving for vacation.


February was a different month, I cannot compare it with the other ones, but it was pretty great. There are some posts about the events of this month in case you want to read it:

Now, it’s time to get back to work.